Texas: Lubbock

First Choice Coffee Services
7910 McCormick Rd., Suite 700
Amarillo, Texas 79119

Ph: 806-238-3477

Services Offered
  • coffee equipment
  • beverages
  • water filtration

First Choice Services promises to provide your office with pure, healthy water while delivering immediate cost savings

As a full service water dispenser provider in Lubbock, First Choice Water is committed to offering the safest, best tasting water in Lubbock city.

With over 45 years experience and one of the top 5 national OCS (office coffee service) companies, we can analyze and recommend the best water dispenser, filtration system and even ice dispenser systems. Water is essential to every office and First Choice Water provides purification and filtration equipment.

Our service starts with a dedicated sales consultant who will assess your office's requirements and can help setup all aspects of your water dispenser and filtration needs including delivery, installation, equipment maintenance and more.

So if you're uncertain about your current office water, contact us today for a custom analysis to ensure your business has the most safe, healthy and cost effective water dispenser system tomorrow!